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The company ENUS MEDICAL s. r. o. being established in 1999 as a sales and service organization delivering medical equipment, medical supplies and providing comprehensive customer service and service of medical equipment. We offer a comprehensive healthcare facilities from the ambulance to the facilities of hospital type. We work exclusively with world renowned manufacturers of medical equipment.

In recent years we have successfully implemented a number of major delivery of medical equipment and supply of complementary smaller projects and tenders related to our architectural and engineering activities and technical consulting services. We are a stable, experienced and constantly evolving business service entity.

Effort and aim of the company ENUS MEDICAL s. r. o. still remains wish to provide a comprehensive customer service for hospital and outpatient medical facilities, especially in the supply of health technology operating room equipment and supplies highly sophisticated medical technology, as well as the supply of equipment for central sterilization and special instrumentation for a variety of medical facilities using different types of diagnostic, therapeutic and imaging methods.

According to the latest contemporary trends and practices we are focus on improving the efficiency and economics of medical facilities. Therefore, the basic range of business portfolio of medical equipment (medical devices) company ENUS MEDICAL s. r. o. constantly updated and expanded appropriately innovative or new products.

Our daily sales and service activities we are expanding on engineering activities and related technical consultancy, consisting of the coordination and implementation of investment projects in the field of equipping medical facilities and healthcare facilities with medical equipment. All this in direct relation to technological processes and projects - as part of new construction or planned reconstruction of operating rooms or selected parts and sections of the hospital or outpatient facilities.

The main priority of the team company ENUS MEDICAL s. r. o., so further remains to offer you, our existing and future partners, the highest quality equipment and services, which include education and special marketing activities.


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