BHT Hygienetechnik

BHT Hygienetechnik

BHT Hygienetechnik GmbH was established in Germany in 1978, and has grown into one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of Washer-Disinfectors (WDs) for hospitals and laboratories.

Our product portfolio ranges from under-counter models to medium and large cabin washer systems and extends to fully automatic conveyor systems consisting of interconnected, hermetically-isolated single chambers.
BHT Hygienetechnik develops and produces WDs for cleaning, disinfecting and drying reusable medical equipment such as surgical instruments, MIS instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, anaesthetic material, corrugated tubes, containers, bottles, pipettes, test tubes and much more.
BHT offers a special range of accessories including racks and inserts, which meets the highest hygiene requirements and makes optimal use of the loading capacity.

BHT´s engineers developed extensive patents, from a dosing control system (flow meter) to a special drum-appliance for handling corrugated tubes (ROTO-system). In particular, innovative procedures and technology for processing flexible endoscopes were developed and launched on the market. The equip-ment produced offers maximum hygienic safety with minimal water and energy consumption. Short cycle times with maximum energy efficiency help to lower operating costs in clinics, doctor’s surgeries, care homes and laboratories.

With its comfortable user interface, our equipment is safe and easy to use. Robust technology ensures smooth operation with everyday continuous use. 75 percent of the equipment is exported.

BHT was integrated into SciCan GmbH as an independent company division in 2009. SciCan is a lead-ing company in dental technology and manufactures tabletop autoclaves in this sector. Since February 2014 BHT Hygienetechnik acts as a separate GmbH again

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Rack system for Washer-Disinfectors

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